Configuring condaΒΆ

If you are familiar with conda and want to use it to install the packages you need, you can configure conda to search a specific set of channels for packages. Listing channel locations in the .condarc file overrides conda defaults, causing conda to search only the channels listed, in the order specified.

The channels you specify can be public or private. Private channels will require you to authenticate before you can conda install packages from them.

If your organization has configured conda at the system level to limit platform users to only access packages in your on-premises repository, this will override your user-level configuration file.

To configure conda, create or update your ~.condarc configuration file in the root directory of your local machine to include your preferred repository channels. For example:

  - <anaconda_dot_org_username>
  - http://some.custom/channel
  - file:///some/local/directory
  - defaults

For more information, see this section of the conda docs.