Accessing remote package repositories

As an Administrator, you can configure Anaconda Enterprise to use packages from an online package repository such as anaconda and r.

You can then mirror channels & packages into your organization’s internal AE repository so users can access the packages from a centralized, on-premises location.

If users are permitted to install packages from off-site package repositories, you can make it easier for users to access them from within their editing sessions by configuring them as default channels.

To do so, edit your Anaconda Enterprise configurationanaconda-enterprise-anaconda-platform.yml—to include the appropriate channels, as follows:

  - defaults
  channel_alias: https://<ANACONDA_ENTERPRISE_FQDN>/repository/conda

To update Anaconda Enterprise with your changes to the configuration, restart its services:

sudo gravity enter
kubectl get pods | grep 'ap-' | cut -d' ' -f1 | xargs kubectl delete pods