Quick start

This Quick start guide is the fastest way to demonstrate for yourself the power of Anaconda Enterprise using a sample project.

In this Quick start guide you will deploy an existing Anaconda Project, interact with it, then share it with others, who can immediately interact with it.

See also the complete Getting started guide which lets you try out every feature of Enterprise.

Before you start

You should have already received a welcome email from your system administrator with a link to your Enterprise site, and created your new user account.

Log onto your new Enterprise account.

Select a Project

After you log in, you see the list of Projects available to you.


In your Projects list, click the project named “weather_statistics”. This opens the Deployment History page.

Deploy the Project

To deploy the Weather Statistics project, click the Deploy link in the left navigation. Accept the default settings by clicking the Deploy button.

After Enterprise finishes deploying, it switches to the View menu and displays the deployment.


Interact with your Deployment

Immediately you can interact with your Deployment.

Select a different city from the City widget, or change the type of distribution from Discrete to Smooth from the Distribution widget.

You can interact with any widgets that were included in the Project. Widgets are different for each Deployment.


Share your Deployment with others

You can easily share your Deployment with other Enterprise users.

From the left menu click Share, then in the Add New Collaborator box begin typing the name of another Enterprise user. Select the name of the user with whom you want to share, then click the Share button.

When your Collaborator logs onto Enterprise, they will see the new Deployment in their Deployments list.


Try out more features of Enterprise

Now that you see how Enterprise works, try the complete Getting started guide which lets you try out every feature of Enterprise.

See also the Glossary for quick definitions and Concepts for deeper discussion of features of Anaconda Enterprise.