Release notes

Anaconda Enterprise 5.1.3

Released: June 4, 2018

Backend improvements (non-visible changes)

  • Fixed issue when generating custom Anaconda installers that contain packages with duplicate files
  • Fixed multiple issues related to memory errors, file size limits, and network transfer limits that affected the generation of large custom Anaconda installers
  • Improved logging when generating custom Anaconda installers

Anaconda Enterprise 5.1.2

Released: March 16, 2018

Administrator-facing changes

  • Fixed issue with image/version tags when upgrading AE

Backend improvements (non-visible changes)

  • Updated to Kubernetes 1.7.14

Anaconda Enterprise 5.1.1

Released: March 12, 2018

Administrator-facing changes

  • Ability to specify custom UID for service account at install-time (default UID: 1000)
  • Added pre-flight checks for kernel modules, kernel settings, and filesystem options when installing or adding nodes
  • Improved initial startup time of project creation, sessions, and deployments after installation. Note that all services will be in the ContainerCreating state for 5 to 10 minutes while all AE images are being pre-pulled, after which the AE user interface will become available.
  • Improved upgrade process to automatically handle upgrading AE core services
  • Improved consistency between GUI- and CLI-based installation paths
  • Improved security and isolation between internal database from user sessions and deployments
  • Added capability to configure a custom trust store and LDAPS certificate validation
  • Simplified installer packaging using a single tarball and consistent naming
  • Updated documentation for system requirements, including XFS filesystem requirements and kernel modules/settings
  • Updated documentation for mirroring packages from channels
  • Added documentation for configuring AE to point to online Anaconda repositories
  • Added documentation for securing the internal database
  • Added documentation for configuring RBAC, role mapping, and access control
  • Added documentation for LDAP federation and identity management
  • Improved documentation for backup/restore process
  • Fixed issue when deleting related versions of custom Anaconda parcels
  • Added command to remove channel permissions
  • Fixed issue related to Ops Center user creation in post-install configuration
  • Silenced warnings when using verify_ssl setting with anaconda-enterprise-cli
  • Fixed issue related to default admin role (ae-admin)
  • Fixed issue when generating TLS/SSL certificates with FQDNs greater than 64 characters
  • Fixed issue when using special characters with AE Ops Center accounts/passwords
  • Fixed bug related to Administrator Console link in menu

User-facing changes

  • Improvements to collaborative workflow: Added notification when collaborators make changes to a project, ability to pull changes into a project, and ability to resolve conflicting changes when saving or pulling changes into a project.
  • Additional documentation and examples for connecting to remote data and compute sources: Spark, Hive, Impala, and HDFS
  • Optimized startup time for Spark and SAS project templates
  • Improved initial startup time of project creation, sessions, and deployments by pre-pulling images after installation.
  • Increased upload limit of projects from 100 MB to 1 GB
  • Added capability to sudo yum install system packages from within project sessions
  • Fixed issue when uploading projects that caused them to fail during partial import
  • Fixed R kernel in R project template
  • Fixed issue when loading sparklyr in Spark Project
  • Fixed issue related to displaying kernel names and Spark project icons
  • Improved performance when rendering large number of projects, packages, etc.
  • Improved rendering of long version names in environments and projects
  • Render full names when sharing projects and deployments with collaborators
  • Fixed issue when sorting collaborators and package versions
  • Fixed issue when saving new environments
  • Fixed issues when viewing installer logs in IE 11 and Safari

Anaconda Enterprise 5.1.0

Released: January 19, 2018

Administrator-facing changes

  • New post-installation administration GUI with automated configuration of TLS/SSL certificates, administrator account, and DNS/FQDN settings; significantly reduces manual steps required during post-installation configuration process
  • New functionality for administrators to generate custom Anaconda installers, parcels for Cloudera CDH, and management packs for Hortonworks HDP
  • Improved backup and restore process with included scripts
  • Switched from groups to roles for role-based access control (RBAC) for Administrator and superuser access to AE services
  • Clarified system requirements related to system modules and IOPS in documentation
  • Added ability to specify fractional CPUs/cores in global container resource limits
  • Fixed consistency of TLS/SSL certificate names in configuration and during creation of self-signed certificates
  • Changed use of verify_ssl to ssl_verify throughout AE CLI for consistency with conda
  • Fixed configuration issue with licenses, including field names and online/offline licensing documentation

User changes

  • Updated default project environments to Anaconda Distribution 5.0.1
  • Improved configuration and documentation on using Sparkmagic and Livy with Kerberos to connect to remote Spark clusters
  • Fixed R environment used in sample projects and project template
  • Fixed UI rendering issue on package detail view of channels, downloads, and versions
  • Fix multiple browser compatiblity issues with Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11
  • Fixed multiple UI issues with Anaconda Project JupyterLab extension

Backend improvements (non-visible changes)

  • Updated to Kubernetes 1.7.12
  • Updated to conda 4.3.32
  • Added SUSE 12 SP2/SP3, and RHEL/CentOS 7.4 to supported platform matrix
  • Implemented TLS 1.2 as default TLS protocol; added support for configurable TLS protocol versions and ciphers
  • Fixed default superuser roles for repository service, which is used for initial/internal package configuration step
  • Implemented secure flag attribute on all session cookies containing session tokens
  • Fixed issue during upgrade process that failed to vendor updated images
  • Fixed DiskNodeUnderPressure and cluster stability issues
  • Fixed Quality of Service (QoS) issue with core AE services on under-resourced nodes
  • Fixed issue when using access token instead of ID token when fetching roles from authentication service
  • Fixed issue with authentication proxy and session cookies

Known issues

  • IE 11 compatibility issue when using Bokeh in notebooks (including sample projects)
  • IE 11 compatibility issue when downloading custom installers

Anaconda Enterprise 5.0.6

Released: November 9, 2017

Anaconda Enterprise 5.0.5

Released: November 7, 2017

Anaconda Enterprise 5.0.4

Released: September 12, 2017

Anaconda Enterprise 5.0.3

Released: August 31, 2017 (General Availability Release)

Anaconda Enterprise 5.0.2

Released: August 15, 2017 (Early Adopter Release)

Anaconda Enterprise 5.0.1

Released: March 8, 2017 (Early Adopter Release)


  • Simplified, one-click deployment of data science projects and deployments, including live Python and R notebooks, interactive data visualizations and REST APIs.
  • End-to-end secure workflows with SSL/TLS encryption.
  • Seamlessly managed scalability of the entire platform
  • Industry-grade productionization, encapsulation, and containerization of data science projects and applications.