Setting global config variables#

Anaconda Enterprise provides a secondary config map (named anaconda-enterprise-env-var-config) that you can use to configure the platform. Any environment variables that you add to this config map will be available to sessions, deployments and schedules. This is a convenient alternative to using the Anaconda Enterprise CLI, as you can add any variable supported by conda configuration.

  1. Log in to Anaconda Enterprise, select the Menu icon icon in the top right corner and click the Administrative Console link displayed at the bottom of the slide out window.

  1. Click Manage Resources.

  2. Log in to the Operations Center using the Administrator credentials configured after installation.

  3. Select Configuration from the menu on the left.

  4. Use the Config map drop-down menu to select the anaconda-enterprise-env-var-config.yml configuration file. The default config map contains a placeholder only: ENV_VAR_PLACEHOLDER: foo.

  5. To add an environment variable, replace this placeholder with an actual entry. For example, to configure Anaconda Enterprise to use a proxy for conda packages, you might add entries that resemble the following:

  6. Click Apply to save your changes.

  7. To update Anaconda Enterprise with your changes, restart services by running these commands on the master node:

    sudo gravity enter
    kubectl get pods | grep 'ap-deploy\|ap-workspace' | cut -d' ' -f1 | xargs kubectl delete pods