Pointing conda to an on-premises repository#

Anaconda Enterprise users who are familiar with conda may use it to install the packages they need, rather than rely on you to make them available for download via shared channels.

If your organization wants to limit platform users to only access packages in your on-premises repository, you can configure conda accordingly. When you do this at the system level, it overrides any user-level configuration files installed by the user, or on individual machines.

Listing channel locations in the .condarc file overrides conda defaults, causing conda to search only the channels listed, in the order specified.

To configure conda, create or update the ~.condarc system configuration file in the root directory of the environment to add the repository channel:

channel_alias: https://<your-server.domain.com>/repository/conda/

Replacing <your-server.domain.com> with the fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) of your installation of Anaconda Enterprise.

See this section of the conda docs for more information.