Bring Your Own Kubernetes (BYOK8s) Upgrade#

Contact the Anaconda implementation team before you begin for assistance upgrading your version of Anaconda Enterprise 5. It is intended for you to follow along with these instructions as an Anaconda Implementation team member guides you through the upgrade process. They will provide you with a Helm Chart archive that contains all the necessary components needed for upgrading.


Have all users save their work, stop any open sessions, jobs, and deployments, and log out of the platform prior to the upgrade process. Any sessions, deployments, or jobs not stopped prior to the upgrade process will not be using the latest docker images and must be restarted manually post upgrade.


  • You must have access to the Administrative Server.

  • You must verify the Service Account used for the upgrade has the correct permissions.

  • Air-gapped servers must have the Docker images added to their Docker image repository.

Upgrade process:#

Upgrade your BYOK8s cluster by performing the following steps:

  1. Log in to the service account on the Administrative Server running your Anaconda Enterprise software.

  2. Unpack the Helm Charts provided by Anaconda onto the Administrative Server:

    # Replace <HELM_CHARTS> with the Helm Charts you received from Anaconda
    tar xvzf <HELM_CHARTS>
  3. Save your current configurations with the script delivered with your Helm Chart by running the following command:

    # Replace <NAMESPACE> with the namespace Anaconda Enterprise is installed in

    The script creates a file called helm_values.yaml and saves it in the directory where the script was run.

  4. Verify the information captured in helm_values.yaml file is correct and contains all of your current cluster configuration settings.

  5. Begin the upgrade by running the following command:

    helm upgrade --values ./helm_values.yaml anaconda-enterprise ./Anaconda-Enterprise/

    If the upgrade is successful, your output will look like this:

    Release "anaconda-enterprise" has been upgraded. Happy Helming!
    NAME: anaconda-enterprise
    LAST DEPLOYED: Wed Dec  7 21:52:34 2022
    NAMESPACE: aaron
    STATUS: deployed
    REVISION: 10
    TEST SUITE: None

    The duration of the upgrade depends on both the cluster node count and the speed of the new docker images loading into each node. You can view the status of the upgrade process by running the following command:

    kubectl get pods

    Once all pods display a Running status and each pod is running all their containers, you may return to using the cluster as normal.


If you are upgrading from Workbench version 5.6.2 or earlier and have RStudio installed, you must reinstall RStudio. This is due to the upgrade of the Workbench base image from UBI8 to UBI9 in version 5.7. UBI9 requires a different binary for RStudio.