Working with deployments#

When you deploy a project, Anaconda Enterprise finds and builds all of the software dependencies—the libraries on which the project depends in order to run—and encapsulates them, so they are completely self-contained and easy to share with others. This is called a deployment.

Whether you deploy a notebook, Bokeh application or REST API, everything needed to deploy and run the project is included. You can then share your deployment with others so they can interact with it.


You can create multiple deployments from a single project. Each deployment can be a different version, and can be shared with different users.

After logging in to Anaconda Enterprise, click Deployments to view a list of all of the deployments you have created—or that others have shared with you. Simply click on a deployment to open the deployed Notebook or application and interact with it.

Anaconda Enterprise maintains a log of all deployments created by all users in the Administrator’s Authentication Center.