Connecting to Redis#

Anaconda Enterprise enables you to easily connect to a Redis in-memory database.

Before you can do so, however, you’ll need to pip install the Python package required to connect to Redis servers:

pip install redis

NOTE: Any packages you install from the command line are available during the current session only. If you want them to persist, add them to the project’s anaconda-project.yml file. For more information, see Developing a project.

You can then import the library and use code such as this to connect to Redis from within a notebook session:

# Import the library
import redis

queried_value = None
    # Generate the connection
    r = redis.Redis(host='', port=6379)

    # Set and retrieve the same key
    r.set('test_key', 'This is a test value for showing redis connectivity')
    queried_value = r.get('test_key')
except Exception as e:
    print(f'Unable to connect or execute commands on Redis server: {e}')

# Print out queried value