Monitoring cluster utilization

Anaconda Enterprise enables you to monitor cluster resource usage in terms of CPU, memory, disk space, network and GPU utilization.

To access the Operations Center:

  1. Log in to Anaconda Enterprise, select the Menu icon icon in the top right corner and click the Administrative Console link displayed at the bottom of the slide out window.

  1. Click Manage Resources.

  2. Login to the Operations Center using the Administrator credentials configured after installation

  3. Click Monitoring in the menu on the left.


The graphs displayed include the following:

  • Overall Cluster CPU Usage

  • CPU Usage by Node

  • Individual CPU Usage

  • Overall Cluster Memory Usage

  • Memory Usage by Node

  • Individual Node Memory Usage

  • Overall Cluster Network Usage

  • Network Usage by Node

  • Individual Node Network Usage

  • Overall Cluster Filesystem Usage

  • Filesystem Usage by Node

  • Individual Filesystem Usage

Use the control in the upper right corner to specify the range of time for which you want to view usage information, and how often you want to refresh the results.


Sharing graphs

To share a graph, click the Share dashboard icon icon2 to get a unique URL that can be shared. The link contains an access token so the viewer does not need a password.

Click Snapshot in the top menu of the Share window to create a snapshot that strips out sensitive data, leaving only the visible metric data and series names embedded into your dashboard.


Select Local Snapshot to save the image locally, or Publish to snapshot to save the image to the cloud.

To view and manage your snapshots, select Snapshots from the Dashboards menu on the left of the Monitoring window. Cloud snapshots can be manipulated by the viewer with zoom and time range changes, but the viewer cannot change the node, cluster or pod.


Anyone who has the link—and can reach the URL—can view the report.


Monitoring Kubernetes

To view the status of your Kubernetes nodes, pods, services, jobs, daemon sets and deployments from the Operations Center, click Kubernetes in the menu on the left and select a tab name. See Monitoring sessions and deployments for more information.

To view the status or progress of a cluster installation, click Operations in the menu on the left, and select an operation in the list. Clicking on a specific operation switches to the Logs view, where you can also view logs based on container or pod.