OpenShift Container Platform#

This guide offers recommended configurations and settings unique to the Openshift Container Platform (OCP) in Data Science & AI Workbench. These should be used to augment the generic requirements offered on our primary requirements page.


OpenShift imposes a unique subdomain structure to the applications that run on its clusters; e.g.:

When creating the SSL certificate, make sure that they are constructed for this multi-level domain name.


Note that even though your OCP cluster might already be configured to serve SSL, Workbench still requires its own SSL certificate due to the usage of wildcards.

Helm chart customization#

OpenShift uses a different DNS server address than the one assumed by default in the helm chart. To ensure that the application uses the proper address, add the following lines, respecting indentation, to your values.yaml overrides file:

      dns-server: dns-default.openshift-dns.svc.cluster.local