Configuring your user settings

Anaconda Enterprise maintains settings related to your user account, based on how the system was configured by your Administrator. There are times when you may need to update the information related to your user account—to change your password, for example.

To access your account settings, click the Menu icon icon in the upper-right corner and select the Settings option in the slide-out.

Click Advanced Settings to configure the following settings for your Anaconda Enterprise account:

NOTE: Fields that you are not permitted to edit appear grayed / disabled.

  • To change the password you use to log in to Anaconda Enterprise, select Password.
  • To enable two-factor authentication for your account, select Authenticator.
  • To view a history of your sessions using Anaconda Enterprise, select Sessions.
  • To view a list of AE applications currently running and the permissions you have been granted, select Applications.
  • To view a log of all activity related to your account, select Log.

To configure connectivity to your organization’s external version control repository:

Under External Version Control Settings, click Configure and provide your credentials (user name and access token). Your credentials will be available across all projects in your account.

We recommend you create an ever-lasting token, so you can retain permanent access to your files from within Anaconda Enterprise. If you’re ever required to generate a new token from within your version control repository, be sure to update Anaconda Enterprise with the new token.

NOTE: If you don’t see this option, your Administrator hasn’t configured access for your organization at the system level. See Connecting to an external version control repository for more information.