Working with channels and packages#

Data Science & AI Workbench uses packages to bundle software files and information about the software—such as its name, specific version and description—into a single file that can be easily installed and managed.

Packages are distributed via channels. Channels can point to a cloud-based repository or a private location on a remote or local repository that you or someone else in your organization created. For more information, see channels and packages.


Workbench supports the use of both .conda and .pip packages in its repository. To manage channels and packages for your Workbench Repository using a command line interface (CLI), follow the steps for the administration server setup on your current machine to install the CLI.

Building a conda package requires familiarity with the conda package manager and command line interface (CLI), so not all Workbench users will create packages and channels.

Many Workbench users can interact with packages primarily within the context of projects and deployments. In this case, they will likely do the following:

Other users might primarily build packages, upload them to channels, and share them with others to access and download.