Connecting to MLDB#

Data Science & AI Workbench enables you to easily connect to MLDB, an open-source database designed for machine learning.

To do so, you’ll need to install the pymldb and tqdm pip packages, which contain the Python interface for MLDB and a progress meter:

pip install pymldb tqdm


  • pymldb works with Python 2 only.

  • Any packages you install from the command line are available during the current session only. If you want them to persist, add them to the project’s anaconda-project.yml file. For more information, see Project configurations.

You can then use code such as this to import the library and connect to MLDB from within a notebook session:

# Import the library
from pymldb import Connection

# Setup the connection to MLDB install
mldb = Connection('')

# Query the database
mldb.query("select * from example")